Is nokia e5 android

Is nokia e5 android

Is nokia e5 android is one of the recent queries that have been added to the list of nokia e5 mobile phone.

Well to answer to this question is nokia e5 android one should be aware of the Operating system that it supports, rather than fully having knowledge on the specifications of the handset.

The Phone is powered by the S60th edition of Symbian OS, which makes it quite different from any other android phones in the market. Moreover, Symbian fans have a good option here to contribute to its development.

Nokia however, looks forward to shift its available handsets into windows 7 operating system going down the line. There is no hope yet looking at the increase in Symbian handsets from Nokia.

After having idea about this Symbian-based handset, guess, you shall not be asking this again, is nokia e5 android or symbian, irrespective of how much you like or dislike this operating system.

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