Nokia e5 latest software version update

Nokia e5 latest software version update

Nokia e5 latest software version update has tremendously filled e5 users with a relieving sigh, as many of them were still worried with the software limitations.

Nokia e5 latest software version update has made it possible for nokia to cater the complaints and the limit that the applications have put before the customers.

The software version can anytime be updated by using the Nokia software, commonly known as the Nokia Software Updater. This directly syncs your hardware to the computer from where the software needs to be dumped in.

Many customers are trying to find a way out from the previous version of software available in the market as 042.010 version. This requires relative change availability for nokia handsets.

There had been many improvements made in the application framework, although many of the limitations, if not all have found their place in breaking the restriction using nokia e5 latest software version update.


  1. farhan says:

    E5 is showing update error while installing skype and when i open radio an error appear as ‘ general memory full ‘.

  2. manmeet sodhi says:

    While saving ph no,typing sms,receiving data while bluetooth, and none of the received, dialed or missed calls are displayed on mobile.

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